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Providing the latest in lead capture page technology for Network Marketing in

the 21st Century

A Lead Capture Page is a web page that requires a person to enter their contact information in order to then see another page. The value of a Lead Capture Page is that once you have captured the contact information from someone, they automatically can receive an Email Campaign of your choosing, and their information is automatically sent to you by email. This allows you to market to them indefinitely. Things you can do with a Lead Capture Page include (but are not limited to) the following:


  • Control a Headline and Sub Headline
  • On some templates control the image at the top & bottom (Header & Footer)
  • Control what fields you want to capture such as First Name, Email, etc.
  • Control if you want the fields to be optional or required
  • Choose which Email Campaign is sent to prospects automatically after they enter their information
  • Choose what web page a prospect sees after hitting the submit button
  • Much more!

We also use rotators!  

A rotator is a link that we advertise throughout the entire internet to bring you random visitors and signups that you didn't even have to go get yourself.  You can experience how the rotator works by clicking
http://www.secureclickserver.com and after the page shows up, click refresh and you will be taken to the next member in line -- that member can be YOU.  All you have to do is select the rotator option when you order your capture page.   The http://www.secureclickserver.com rotator is a master rotator, when you order a rotator for your page the visitors will be enticed to visit your specific opportunity.
To read more about our rotator offerings, please visit http://www.MillionMarketeers.com

   We have capture pages for the following opportunities.....


MPB Today -- http://www.MPBTodayDataSystems.com
911 Gas Card -- http://www.Free911GasCard.info
 Funky Shark -- http://funkyshark.yolasite.com
Bidify -- http://www.Bidify.us
BidXcel -- http://Bid-X-cel.com
Netspend $20 Referral Program -- http://netspend-sales.successcapturesystems.com

Don't worry!  We can build you a custom page!
Contact support@davidstarr.info for information!


Your capture page can have a video play for your visitors!
You can provide one for us to hook into your page for no charge,
or you can use one of ours.


Give your visitors free bonuses in exchange for three recommendations for your opportunity!

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